EKG Basics - $129

EKG Basics: (Most students start here) Provides a comprehensive foundation of cardiac anatomy, physiology, chemistry, EKG history, EKG lead placement, EKG acquisition and EKG complex components and measurements. This course should be completed BEFORE enrollment in Rhythm Interpretation, unless the student has had previous training or education in these concepts and can pass the EKG Basics Final Exam. This course is available to all students: there are no pre-requisites or previous experience requirements to enroll. TIME TO COMPLETE: You will have access to this program for 120 days.  This course is self-paced and generally expected to take 2-4 weeks to complete (depending on student involvement). You are required to complete it within the time frame provided. Certificate of Completion awarded upon successful completion. Cost: $129

This course does NOT entitle the student to take a National Certification Exam. Only a certificate of completion. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ONCE COURSE IS PURCHASED. PLEASE VIEW DEMO COURSE BEFORE PURCHASE TO ENSURE YOUR ABLITY TO ACCESS THE COURSE MATERIAL.